Wednesday, September 30, 2009

New Beginning

For this blog, there is nothing much to it. I have a desire to let the world see my poetry, whether it be silly, sincere, or simply not good. I write a lot and never show it to anyone, and I think it is time I stop. I hope those who read will enjoy, and if not be honest. Honesty is the most important goal you can achieve... are you striving for it?

The set-up will be as follows: one poeme, big, small or what-have-you, for each weekday. Simple, non? I wish to open myself up, but not to people who steal ideas. Please don't steal my ideas. I won't be able to track you, and by the time if I ever were to, it would be inconsequential. So, in the name of honesty about self and purpose in life I ask that if you like the ideas seen here, send people to it, don't take it as your own.

Finally, since this is about poetry, and it is the first entry, the first poem is entitled New Beginning

New Beginning

A new beginning, a new day, a new you
The person who you thought you knew
The one who’s mirror image you looked to
Will die, wilt, wither, and be made anew

Why wait wondering what to do for that old who
When there is nothing to prove to anywho but you