Tuesday, September 7, 2010

How time can just fly by...

So I have been working on getting some pieces out.  A few weeks back I submitted three pieces to a website called Barrelhouse.  We'll see what happens with it, but so far no response.  Otherwise, still looking for places to submit and working away.  In terms of producing, I've kind of faltered withing the last few weeks.

It's amazing how time can fly by when you get sucked into the vortex of youtube.  From the absolute crap videos (watching gross shark bites) to the awe inspiring (Words video), there is always a million new videos to wrap yourself into endless hours mind-numbing stupification.  This happens to be a really great way to take your mind off the fact that you have had next to no sleep at all in the past few days.  Rag weed is killing me something fierce!  I think I have gone through two boxes of tissues over this Labor Day weekend.  Speaking of labor, I feel as if I could use another three day weekend to recoup after the strenous and back-breaking work I did.  One ceiling fan (over fifteen feet to the ceiling on a rickety ladder), one bathroom faucet, and one large garden box (4' wide x 20' long, and a foot high) and you have one busy body.

In other news, speaking of busy bodies and labor...my wife is pregnant.  Right now she has a nubby tadpole swimming inside of her, and on Thursday we will get a first look at the little peanut.  She has been very cautious about announcing the being growing within her, and I have complied so far to her wishes to keep things under wraps.  However, I know that no one really reads this blog, so I feel this is a way to cheat her wishes and spread the word like a manic soon-to-be dad and still not have to worry about spoiling her fun.  It is a crazy thing life, but this is how my life is.  Maybe that's everyone's life, but we just like to think we are unique in our situations.  Anyway, it is a shocking moment to experience, which is very ironic in itself.  You work (nudge nudge, wink wink) at trying to have a kid, but when the moment the test strip comes back with a positive sign, you end up saying "Damn."  And the shocked feeling is still there, the fish bowl effect of watching you standing there stunned as the world shrinks and you realize there's a higher purpose now for you.  To be responsible of more than just a dog who's pretty smart and could make it on his own, a wife who is amazing in her own right, but now to have under your wing a pooping, spitting, helpless bundle of pudge who needs you to become that beautiful being they will hopefully become.  It's a moment that - once it happens - you check yourself back into the reality that you know and are comfortable with because it's a little too much to take.  At least it was that way with me.  But as time is progressing, and the morethere are signs from my wife that there is life within her beyond gas and the remains of food, the more I start to grab ahold of this concept of fatherhood.  I think that now I can start seeing myself as a dad.  And now I just checked out of it, it's still too raw.  That's ok though, no need to worry.  I have until April before I really come face to face with the daddy reality.  Until then it's a pleasant dreaming coming to fruition.

I hope your days have been as eye-opening and universe expanding!


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