Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Preliminary Poem

Well, I felt since I skipped yesterday, and today has been just as busy, and that today would have been my mother's 61st bday today... I decided to post up a preliminary first run of a poem (although, most of my stuff is first run to be honest :)) as a way to try to remember her. Hope you all enjoy:

Wishing to dream

With time and distance, memories begin to fade
And the thoughts once routine are tougher to
Hold on, longer in searching, more thought than picture…
But I hold on, long for your voice, long for your warm
Touch, and regret knowing the last time I held your hand

For when you came to me you were love and attention,
And I was but young and all-knowing in my invincibility
And surroundings…what a time that was, what a sweet,
Ridiculously naïve boy I was, and how fast one can grow
Up given the proper awakening, the official club entrance

But I’m too hard on myself, I did the best
I could at the time, and I am trying my best now
Would be the words out of your mouth, for sure.
And I try to remember your words, and the sound
They made against my pliant ears, and the feeling
Brought from within by Mother and Child,
Mother and Son
Because I’m tired of having to rely on others’
Recollections and stories of you and them,
And not on the ones between you and I

That is why I am wishing to dream you,
Wishing my subconscious will take over
And bring back the home videos and tapped
Conversations that should have documented
Our time together had we the foresight

And it is there I will see your face, and the
Joy felt with Mother and Child, Mother and Son

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