Friday, December 18, 2009

Getting back into writing...

Wow, so what a crazy time this has been. Who knew you could get so wrapped up into buying a house? I did, but I thought I would still be able to continue to write during the process. Well, I was wrong! Last night I got in the mood to write a poem, but that was about it. I haven't corrected anything on it at all.

This whole house business has zapped my creative juices, and I feel that I've forgotten where the aisle they're locating in is. Unfortunately, all of this work on buying a house has left me empty handed, and a few hundred in the hole. That's also a bummer on wanting to write. In the time that I have wanted to read anything, I have spent my time catching up on the two blogs I follow: Freshness Factor Five-Thousand (Jason Mraz's blog), and Open-eyed Sneeze (a friend of mine from high school). If you ever want to check them out, I highly recommend it. Freshness is very refreshing... I know a bad pun... and Open-eyed is snarky and sarcastic. I find both of them a good mix to pick me up when down.

Well, anyway, that was the update for you. And hopefully I'll be back with some new material to lay on ya!

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