Friday, December 4, 2009

Really sorry...

Ok, so I have been terrible about keeping this up-to-date.

My excuses: Dealing with buying a house.

If you then add some work to the mix, it has been crazy lately. I feel that I get up, go to work, come home eat, then sleep. I seem to be missing a lot of time in there. It's during the 'work' time that I do a lot of the part of "buying a house," but many times it spills into the night.

Therefore, I will not make any more promises about trying to post. I will not commit to anything at all until I can resolve all of these things going on with buying a house that I can spend the time and write. Just today, I wrote something since the last time I posted. So roughly three weeks of not being to get into the poet mindset... not to say I have some kind of intense mental place I need to go to to write... but anyway, I just have not been writing.

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