Friday, January 22, 2010

Gears have been turning in my head, but lately I have not shared any of it on this blog. In fact, I have been grossly negligent in putting out entries. I usually feel guity, but like most who try to keep resolutions, enertia is usually too strong to resist. So, finally halting enertia for the moment, I will do my best to update on my writing:

As of late, I have focused my attention on a novel. I have always tried writing ones in the past, but much like how keeping up with the blog tends to be daunting, I tend to fizzle out. I am motivated in the beginning phases of the project, but then dwindle in effort as time progresses. Inevitably, I have a rough outline, or fragments of a story, and that is all. This is why I generally focus on writing poetry, for I usually can keep my train of thought for this shorter medium. Also, I tend to think in smaller segments - an action, a description of a person/place/thing, etc. - and tend to lose focus when piecing segments together. Kind of the whole forest through the trees thing. Anyway, I have thrown my hat into the ring again, and I feel quite good about it this time. Hopefully, I will post some bits of it in the future.

Otherwise, I have continued to write new poems and rework others. I have felt catious about posting them because I have found, with the past posts, most of them had not been revised much. It was just more of a 'write and send it out' mentality. I am trying to be conscious of revising and sitting on works to read refreshed and with a new outlook in the attempts to spot weaknesses in the poems. Also, I realize that no one ever reads this blog and it doesn't matter whether I post or not. I can hold out because no one is demanding of my time :)

So, if I can't provide a poem for you today, I thought posting a video might suffice. This link is of a dog who is poetic in the layers of emotions it stirs within the viewer. Laughter, pity, sadness, possibly empathy (for those who sleepwalk), they all can be found within this poor soul.

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