Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Well, ok....

I'll admit it.  I've fallen off the wagon again.  Not with alcohol or anything serious like that.  No, I've fallen off of the "Write in my blog frequently" wagon.  I have not been able to keep up with everything that is going now.  So, I will give an update to show how busy things have been:

Bought a car (which did not take that much time up really)
House hunting (a full time job....seriously)
Finding a house and getting an accepted offer (so much paperwork!)
Getting ready to go to NYC this weekend
Started writing what will hopefully be a novel-length story
Continue to piece together a chap book of poetry to submit in a contest (less than three weeks left!)
My regular job (which has been busier at times)
Rehearsals/practice for orchestra band concerts

That's about it....but it keeps me so busy.  Mainly the house hunting part does, and that might soon be over with this week.  We have an accepted purchase agreement, and now are in the final stages.  Keeping my fingers crossed for sure!

So, once again, I apologize.  Once again, I will say I will try to be better at this.  Once again, I probably wont be as other time consuming things will take the place of house hunting.  So I apologize in advance for it... :)

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