Friday, May 21, 2010

I should be back now....

Well, what can I say?  It has been roughly a month since my last post.  Where have I been?  For the most part, I've been somewhere secluded with a phone glued to my ear.  It is amazing how much house hunting can be a full time job.  There are schedules to the whole process that are needing of attention to ensure a smooth process.  That means you have to do a lot of calling to make sure people are doing their jobs.  If you don't do it, then you run a big risk of being late on your closing date, or some other kind of delay that can be costly time and monetarily speaking.

After roughly a year of searching, with about ten months searching in earnest, my wife and I finally closed on a house yesterday.  It was roughly a month from acceptance of our purchase offer to closing, which is a very aggressive time line.  However, this was out of necessity.  Our nine-month apartment lease is over this month along with the storage unit we have packed with most of our belongings.  So, any delays in moving were not really possible.  Further, this meant everyone (Realtors, inspectors, mortgage brokers, etc.) needed to be synced together to ensure no hiccups.  I was the one who did this.  It felt like a second job, and with the amount of hours I spent on it you really could call it just that!  But it's done.  We changed the locks and will move in next weekend.  It has been a thrilling and emotionally draining experience.

Having completed the purchase of the house, everything should be in order, right?  I should be able to just go back to writing and pursuing this dream of mine...  Yes, and no.  There is still much to be done.  This next week is clean-up and painting time, and next weekend will be the big move.  This summer will be filled to the brim with activities of weddings, reunions, etc.  My work has been slightly more time-consuming. 

All of this will be a drain on the amount of time I have to write.  But I resolve to make it work regardless.  In fact, I sent off a packet of poems to the New England Review roughly a week ago.  That means that I should have a response as next week, but as late as the middle of August.  They stipulate a response is highly likely within a twelve week time frame, but that's no guarantee.  In the meantime, I am continuing to work on my chapbook, which is tentatively titled "Cynicism & Sleeping at Work."  I was planning on sending the work out to a contest before the end of the month, but it seems this will not be likely.  Therefore, I need to find some other outlet for it.  Any suggestions?

Otherwise, there is a novel I continue to work on, but it only has a rough title I do not wish to share.  I am not good at writing longer pieces, so I do not plan on even sharing the premise of the novel until I am fairly confident that there's hope of it being finished.  Keep your fingers crossed please!

I will try to keep in touch on this, but since I have never received a comment from anyone, I will assume that no one reads this.  Which is just fine by me.  Maybe one of these days I will have an audience who demands me to keep in touch....until then, so long :)

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