Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fighting to not discover the answer...

Ok, I have a big thing about not having the ending of a story ruined.  Whether it be for a play, movie, novel....anything... I don't like to find out what happens.  I like the surprise at the end, I like to not know and have it revealed to me slowly over the course of time.  As a side note, my wife is completely the opposite.  She loves to have the answers before she begins.  You can imagine that this makes for tough times when it comes to watching movies as she always asks questions during the film.  Another side note, I can't stand talking or any interruption during films.  Thankfully, my wife has accommodated my neuroses and is really good about holding off on questions.

Anyway, this desire to be surprise comes into direct conflict with the outside world when I have not been able to see the finale of the show "Lost."  My wife and I are big "Lost" fans, and can't wait to see the ending.  We also have just purchased a house, she's taking three graduate classes, and I to work on the house while preparing for a concert this coming Monday.  Needless to say, time is tight.  That's where DVR is a life saver.  I'm in love with it, seriously.  I can't stand watching commercials... it's the bane of my existance.  With DVR, I can skip all the crap.

However, we have been having to dodge nearly all media outlets for the past two days in order to not find out what happens.  This is extremely hard to do, folks!  So far, I have been successful....but I was signing into this blog and happened to see a blog I follow put up a post on "Lost."  I think I might have inadvertantly seen something I did not want to see.  Right now, I'm doing my best to forget it, but it seems that the more I try to will myself to forget, the more it's getting stuck deep in my mind.  Argh!

So, I'm going to put on some music and do my best....and cut myself from anything on the web until I have finished the four hours(!!) of the show we have yet to see.  Wish me luck, and let's hope I don't see anything else!

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