Thursday, May 27, 2010

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So, I have not written a post about poetry (outside of my own preoccupations) for quite some time.  I thought today, what better time than now?

While I was searching through all of the bookmarks I have grabbed for poetry resources, I rediscovered the site.  Granted, for those of you who are looking for lesser known artists...this is not the place for you.  However, what I find most interesting about this site is a map located within the it.  The map takes a look at important poets, events, and additional resources by each state within the United States.

I like this for two reasons:

First, I have a thing about knowing your local happenings.  Being involved in community is of great importance.  Without your involvement (yes I do mean everyone of you) the community cannot be vibrant.  When the community lacks, so do the amenities that people like.  You want a good jazz scene?  Be involved in the community and support it.  You want community parks and events?  Join a group that works to create those events.  You want a safe environment?  Join or create a neighborhood watch/walk and take back your streets.  It's all up to the individual to make the community.  Anyway, enough of the soapbox.

Second, knowing the history around you will help you grow as a person.  Much like being involved in the present will create a better now and future, so will knowing your past.  There are many influences on a culture - which I define as any segmented group (read community) - and they shape how people come to understand their surroundings.  Being cognizant of the past and their decisions will help an individual to understand the choices they make.  Further, it will help you assess them to see if you need to make a change for the better!'s map helps accomplish those two functions.  It lets you know who the current and past major poets in your area are, and the events, groups, companies that will support the efforts you endeavor.  Being aware of your surroundings will help you connect to your poetic community and it's local history...all of which will, in the end, make you a better writer.  What could be better than that?

To see what's up in your state, click on the link below:

National Poetry Map

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