Friday, October 15, 2010

The 'Next' button...

The 'Next' button gets a lot of play whenever I'm reading blogs.  The anticipation of what's going to pop up is thrilling, kind of like a literary version of Chatroulette, only without the countless number of jerking off men.  A fact, for an added side note, that I am wholly grateful for whenever pressing the button.  I know sometimes you need to let loose, but I don't want to see you do it... get it, do it....

I always find it fascinating what blogger thinks is related to the previous blog I was reading.  I think for the most part they judge by broad strokes of example being language.  But beyond that, they do tend to group similarly veined blogs together.  Start reading a blog about fashion and the next one might be one by a make-up artist, followed by a fashion photographer, followed by another photographer... you get the idea.

I like to take time away from my blogs (which if you haven't realized is often) and press the next button to see what blogger thinks is a good match for my semi-poetry related blog.  What I have been surprised by lately is that I seem to be joined up with Spanish and Portuguese blogs, two languages that I have no real experience with.  I can plunk around and say a few words (many of them inappropriate of course) in Spanish.  But when it comes to Portuguese I am completely at a loss.  I take that back, I know one phrase that my Brazilian friend taught me, yet once again it is a phrase I shouldn't use!

So, in the spirit of joining with Spanish and Portuguese blogs Blogger has bestowed upon my lonely little blog, I thought I would take the time to attempt a few things in the languages of my neighboring bloggers:

¡Hola! Me encanta español!  Me encanta salsa, Compay Segunda y Buena Vista Social Club y Picasso y Rivera y Dali!!!!!

Para Portuguese - Eu amo Tribalistas, Água De Beber, bossa nova, e cidade de deus!

Haha....sorry.  I had to keep it simple, but that's my small shout out to the two languages I love to hear blaring through speakers...and even more when I can hear it live!  To close with another language's word that all three use....Ciao!

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