Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Creativity....Part 2.

So I think I'm going to do a few posts on creativity...  Other people's creativity that is.  This is technically the second part to the series since my last post and the flying cereal should have been labeled the first. I think the focus will be how creativity can be manifested in even everyday life.  I think it's about time people start thinking beyond the regimented rule of allowing themselves whimsy only when they're young.  Too often we get out of school, and the impetus for experimentation is gone.  The mentality becomes: We don't try anything in art/music/writing/any sport because we're (a/an) _______, and that's the only thing that can define us now.  The routine is set, and this is the way it will be from now on.

I think comfort can be nice, but choas will keep us alive.  Anyway, here is some definite outside-the-box thinking that is totally creative!

Check out the blog for more cute pics of this baby here

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