Thursday, October 15, 2009


So yesterday found me with not enough time to get a post in during the day due to such a hectic day at work. Normally, it would seem like that shouldn't be a problem, except that at home we do not have a computer. Ours broke not too long ago (if you ever see a small folder with a question mark when starting your Mac, be very afraid), and we have yet to get a new one. Therefore, I have been doing these posts while at work.

Now, we do have the ability to access the Internet through our Nintendo Wii. It is good for just surfing some pages and such, but writing is a whole different matter. You see, for their internet program, unless you have a wireless keyboard, you must use a pop up key pad on the screen. A whole key board pops up and you must aim with your remote at the small buttons. If you can imagine, writing long pieces is practically impossible, as the likelihood of making mistakes is high. One wrong aim and then you have doubled your time to just hit that one character.

Anyway, I wanted to have something down for the day, so I created the small rhyme you saw as my stand in.

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