Tuesday, October 20, 2009

A New Format

Alright, so I originally had intended one poem every weekday. As I have been doing this, I realize this is not always possible. I know what you might be thinking... I have already given in on a promise, and the quick answer is yes. Ha, take that naysayers! Really though, I want to try to focus on the poems I write (what an idea!), and so I need a little more time then a few hours per day.

As a result, I am changing things around here. Instead of one poem per weekday, I will have one entry per day, but the topic will still be centered around poetry of some format (either my own or others). I do make this promise: two poems per week at the minimum. I think that is an obtainable goal. And if I fail on this aspect well then it doesn't matter because no one reads it anyway.

So I guess this will have to be considered a restart to the blog. Tomorrow I will have a post about Crank, by Ellen Hopkins. If you haven't read it, I highly suggest it. It's a pretty quick read; I read it in a day and I read stupidly slow. Well, until tomorrow!

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