Friday, October 23, 2009

A Poem, But Not of Mine...

Ok, so you first have to read the poem:

I want to make sure that I don't infringe upon copyrights during any of this, for I feel that hopefully by linking to the work, and not reproducing it, I can avoid any unnecessary troubles. Here's to fingers being crossed!

Anyway, I read the poem and thought it was cute. I didn't put much thought into until when I signed into here, and looked at the blog of a good friend of mine, here's the blog link:

I picked Fleda Brown's poem from the list in the current issue of The Georgia Review mainly because I thought her name was funky. In her poem, she speaks of how we often, in our arrogant ways, think we understand nature after having observed the scientific aspects of an event. Also, that in nature, everything is cause and effect. As if to say that birds migrate only because they're programmed to do so, and not of a volition to act. Then as I read Jessica's blog about how plants can sense their "siblings," (and after reading the article: it seems sibling plants apparently will share ground space and nutrients, while they will compete against foreign plants. Once again, we need to reevaluate how we view plants and their ability to communicate.

Maybe we should reevaluate how science views the migratory flight of birds? Along that note, I always wonder about the last few geese, the one's and two's stragglers that you'll see flying very late into fall... are they fighting the urge to fly down south because they found a nice place to stay? Do they not want to leave home, like a teenager resisting the finals days before inevitably heading off to college?

Just a thought and a post about coincidence, cause, and effect...

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