Friday, February 5, 2010

Flippant Fridays

I thought I would swerve a bit from the normal posts and create something I will call "Flippant Fridays." I think it would be a fun way to attach things that I'm reading or watching on the Internet - because I do a lot of that during my day - and share with anyone who wants to read/watch. I will try to keep these posts funny, but then again, they may not always be as well.

So for the first Flippant Friday, I thought I would throw away what I just said about contributing funny things and go serious for a moment. I am a big fanatical teeth brusher, and feel that everyone should be like me. Not only does being fanatical about teeth brushing (at least twice a day!!) - and more importantly flossing every day!! - it keeps you healthy and happy. I brush my teeth twice a day on average for about 2 minutes or more. I kid you not!

I am part of the Humana insurance group, which I am not endorsing by saying that, and they have a newsletter sent out every month. They had a section on the health benefits of a healthy mouth. Here's one big fact I'd like to point out: "More than 90% of diseases can show up in your mouth first." And another quote: "Good dental care – and keeping your gums free of disease – can lead to savings on dental costs and medical care. One study in the Journal of Periodontology showed healthcare costs over time were 21% higher for patients with severe gum disease than for those without gum problems." For a link to the article, go here:

Ok, so the last quote might be only causal evidence (the people might have bad lifestyles all around and that's why their costs are 21% higher), but it still makes my point that we all need to take good care of our mouths! And one more final anecdotal evidence - I am neurotic about mouth care, and I have only had one cavity in my life. Sure, genetics may be on my side, but then again, I'm the only one who's had the least amount of trouble with their mouth....besides maybe the trouble it can get you in, but that's another story!

Anyway, to that's a bit of a soapbox speech for you, so I'll end the first Flippant Friday on a funny note.... a commercial that I think is classic. Since it's Super Bowl time, and the Colts are in the game, to show some love I will put up a Bud Light commercial.....what can be more related to football than that?

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