Monday, February 22, 2010

Make a donation today!

Not to me, or cause seeking a monetary amount. What I call for is your blood! About two years ago, I decided to give blood regularly, or as much as I could remember to do. So far, I have given over a half gallon of blood! A nice thought to think of as you're pouring out your milk...

Anyway, I am a real believer in it, and when I received the following in an email from my local org., I thought it would be worthy to pass on:

A quick look at the numbers will tell you why we value our life-saving blood donors.

5 Percentage of eligible Americans who give blood each year.

550 Minimum number of units the Indiana Blood Center must collect daily to maintain an adequate blood supply for over 60 hospitals across the state.

200 Volume, in units, of blood necessary on-hand during an organ transplant.

12 Volume, in pints, of blood in an adult male. Adult females have 9 pints.

1 Approximate volume, in pints, of the average blood donation.

The need for donors has increased, due in part to the aging population and greater restrictions on donors, leaving blood centers periodically at risk for or in shortage. If you think you aren't able to or have made some excuse in the past, think of this: if you were to go to the hospital for a life saving transplant/procedure, would you want to be the one who's shorted on the supply? If you can, please give!

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