Wednesday, February 24, 2010

I know, I know...

I know, the last few posts of mine (frankly, most of my posts on here) have not been really exceptional.  Looking over what I have posted may make you laugh, and it may make you just bust out loudly.  However, it's not going to make you think it's really worth your time to keep reading this blog.  I realize that, and I apologize.  I originally came into this whole blogging world and thought it would be easy to contribute meaningful posts.  I thought that I wouldn't be among the many that just place stuff down that's a bunch of snide comments on other people's stuff.  I thought I had something great.

But reality has hit.  I realize that I am not much different from the many people out there who waste their time blogging.  It's the usual: at first there's a torrent of posts, some with some virtue.  Then, as time moves along, the posts, albeit still meaningful, start to dwindle in numbers.  By the way, there are only three words that start with dw - dwell, dwindle, and dwarf.  That's of course, ignoring the derivatives from them (ex.dwelling).

Then, all of the sudden, in this natural progression of hobbies, there comes a silence.  First a week, then two.  Before anyone realizes it, it is forgotten.  There are exceptions to this, for sure.  There are those who will acknowledge the lapse, and then be reinvigorated for a time.  These people eventually fade as well.

I am afraid that I have been nearing this line for some time now.  Real life is almost always the culprit of why I have not been properly maintaining this blog.  The on-going quest to find a home has taxed my wife and I to no end.  An increase in work load has also limited my accessibility to the site.  Yet, these are really just excuses.  They are things that face all people and it is only by sheer determination to produce can one overcome.

I am now facing that moment.  I am at the wall, and I must overcome it if I expect to continue the blog with some dignity.  Otherwise, it's purpose is meaningless.  There's nothing worse than being meaningless.  Now, I know, this may sound like I have some kind of lofty purpose in mind for my blog, but do not mistake my thoughts.  I know that I may never reach a large audience with my poetry and writing.  I know that many people may not read this blog.  However, in order for me to carry on I feel that I do need to stick to the topic I had intended as my purpose: writing.

So, I now pledge to make sure that this blog remains devoted to writing and its many aspects.  On a side note, I will keep doing the Flippant Fridays...they are fun and that's good to have in life.  But on the whole, I will make a renewed push to write about poetry, novels, short stories, and so on so that I provide for this blog a sense of purpose.  I hope people will read and enjoy.

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