Friday, March 5, 2010

Final version...The Sneeze Unsavored

Ok, I don't know when it will be up on the buses, and I don't know when the website will even update it, but I thought I would contribute my finalized version of "The Sneeze Unsavored" for this Flippant Friday.  I think it's fun, and that's what Fridays should be all about.  After all, it's the weekend already, and you know you're not really doing work!!

Here you go, enjoy!!

The Sneeze Unsavored
by M. Thompson

Poised, tenaciously hunched over
Waiting for blast-off like an intrepid astronaut;
The anticipation, that creeping tickle
Through the nasal cavity imploring action;
Bracing, rapidly inhaling fuel
To spread noxious bodies into space
…             …
Stupefied, but still hovering
   When is it just going to happen?
Frustrated, and tense
   Don’t tell me it’s not coming!
Exasperated, unresolved
   Argh, not again…

No climax, no soothing relief,
Only a dull, mocking throb in its place

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