Friday, March 26, 2010

Wake Up? ...What for?

After the week that I have had, I find myself falling asleep at my desk.  A few minutes ago, a co-worker just told me - albeit jokingly - to "Wake up!," to which I jumped and turned my attention to her with heavy lidded eyes.  Yet, I couldn't help think as I listened to her, why should I wake up?  I have a horribly boring job at a pharmaceutical company (that shall remained unnamed), and average about five minutes worth of work a day.  Even worse, there are two of us in this position.

Normally, I love being able to have all the extra time, for it allows me to get paid while writing.  If you haven't realized this, not too many writers actually get paid to do just that - write.  Most of us cram hours in here and there, pining for the flexibility and fame that celebrity-status wrtiters enjoy (read: Grisham, King, Sparks, and any other number of widely read authors out there).  But, for today, I just want to doze and attempt to catch up on lost sleep.

So, today, I'm taking the rest of the day off... at my desk.  I'll be here with my head on my hand, seeming to read the same paragraph for the next two hours.  Wish me luck, and happy Friday!

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